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Shaneece Green

Advisory Board Member

Shaneece Green is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University, holding a BA in Educational Studies with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction, alongside a BA in Political Science and a minor in Classical Studies. Currently pursuing an MBA in Organizational Leadership at Franklin University, Shaneece is deeply committed to reshaping education.

With over four years of experience in higher education and more than nine years of volunteering in K-12 settings, Shaneece has demonstrated her dedication to improving the education system. She is a mother and the owner of Sharks & Lilies, The Jewelry Company, a holistic healing jewelry business she founded in 2017.

Shaneece serves as the Inaugural Diversity Initiatives Coordinator at Capital University Law School and is a Columbus City Schools Family Ambassador, actively promoting diversity, inclusion, and family engagement within educational institutions. Her multifaceted career and passion for education make her a driving force in her community.

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