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Student Program

STEMulating Saturdays is a monthly program designed to increase student participation in STEM activities through hands-on challenge based learning experiences. Students are split based on their current grade. Using the PEP (Present, Engage, Prepare) model, the focus is to position our students to perform at least one grade level above current educational standards. In partnership with The Gaskins Foundation

Discovering Culturally Relevant STEAM Experiences

Student Program

See Brilliance offers workshops on various topics including electronics, micro:bit technology, coding, robotics, and engineering challenges. Our programs are suitable for both beginners and more advanced learners, and are constantly updated and culturally relevant. Our hands-on approach allows students to solve problems and challenges, and explore new subjects. Workshops can be held in-person or online via Zoom. See upcoming events below to see the next available community-based event or bring the workshop to your space by booking a consultation. 

* Prices vary upon consultation

Parental Involvement Workshops

Parent Program

Our parental involvement workshop is designed to help parents support their children's STEAM learning at home. Through interactive activities and discussions, parents will learn practical strategies for engaging their children in STEM activities and fostering a love of learning. Our expert facilitators will provide guidance on how to make STEM concepts relevant to everyday life, and how to use hands-on, experiential learning techniques to make STEM learning fun and engaging. This workshop is suitable for parents of children of all ages, and is a great opportunity for parents to build their confidence and skills in supporting their children's STEM education.

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Professional Development Opportunities 

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Presentation Workshop

See Brilliance is a message Nathan delivers as keynotes, workshops, trainings, and webcasts.


Nathan offers customizable workshops on culturally relevant and culturally sustaining practices in education. These practices involve incorporating students' cultural backgrounds and experiences into the curriculum and using culturally responsive teaching methods. The workshops are designed to help educators create an inclusive and meaningful learning experience for all students and foster a sense of belonging in the classroom. They are suitable for educators who want to incorporate culturally relevant and sustaining practices into their teaching.


Through See Brilliance, my child has been introduced to a world of STEAM possibilities. As my son was exposed to STEAM that is based on his culture, he felt proud knowing he can become a health professional while keeping his love for soccer. I am able to bridge my child's interest to STEAM."

Ross Porter


It was a wonderful experience, and that is something that we can definitely take with us, in our future opportunities to explore STEAM as a family."

Allison McDaniel


Upcoming Events


Saturday, February 11, 2023

Are you fascinated by the mysteries of flight and aviation? Come join us for a Saturday workshop all about the principles of flight! During this exciting event, students will have the chance to learn about the science behind how planes are able to soar through the sky. We will cover key concepts such as lift, drag, and thrust, and how these forces work together to keep aircraft in the air. Students will also learn about the different types of aircraft and their unique features, as well as the history of flight and its impact on society.


But it's not all theory - we'll also get to have some hands-on fun with activities like building and testing paper airplanes, designing and constructing model airplanes, and possibly even visiting a local airport or airfield for a tour.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your STEM knowledge to new heights!

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Past Events

The Ripple Effect


Students at Red Oak Community School will explore water pollution by using their senses to observe types of pollution. During this interactive event, students will have the opportunity to learn about the various forms of water pollution and the impacts it can have on the environment and human health. Using their senses, students will observe and investigate different types of pollution found in water samples, including physical, chemical, and biological contaminants. Through hands-on activities and discussions, students will gain a deeper understanding of the sources and consequences of water pollution, and consider ways to prevent and mitigate it. This event will not only educate students about a critical environmental issue, but also encourage them to take an active role in protecting and preserving our water resources.

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